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Technological innovation in the professional drone sector is constantly moving forward, in fields of application that are too many to count.

Today, aerial video recording is only a small part of the world of technical and working uses that can be made of professionally operated drones.

A UAS is a tool capable of carrying in the air a given type of sensor or equipment (the payload), and so the field of use of a drone is tied to the type of payload with which it is outfitted. Working with drones opens up an array of services that simply weren’t possible before, or whose cost was prohibitive, such as aerial photogrammetric imaging, visual inspections, thermographic surveying, multispectral analysis, precision agricultural surveying etc..

But how to transform these applications into business opportunities?

What skills must be obtained and how?

What commercial channels and supports can be relied on?

Obviously the first step is to obtain a UAV pilot certification issued by the Enac, the Italian civil aviation authority, and then to acquire the skills and experience in the use of various applications that, after correct, specific training, prove to be of key importance. 

Finally, there is the chance to take advantage of channels of business opportunity that operate in the different sectors of interest, bringing together the supply and demand for such services.

With its Service Network, Italdron has created a sort of exchange for training, know-how and experience, together with, naturally, supply and demand: a business network that combines the teaching of professional applications with the use of multi-directional business channels whose excellence is guaranteed by the experience that the Italdron brand makes available to the members of the Service Network. 

The advantages of joining the Italdron Service Network: technical and commercial support, consulting regarding the certification of drones and applications, training, joint marketing and much more. The training (both theoretical and practical) with applications addresses the main professional fields of: aerial filming, photogrammetric imaging, thermographic surveying and multispectral data acquisition. And along with these skills, there is instruction in marketing and sales relevant to business strategies in the world of UAS.



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Don't let the risk be your accomplice! Safety

sicurezza dei droni professionali italdron

Don't let the risk be your accomplice!

A cornerstone of the Italdron philosophy from the start, as well as one of the company’s strong points, is its concern for safety.

Safety is a concept that has to do with the full spectrum, all 360°, of each and every phase of activities in this sector.

Italdron is the first European company to have installed on its products some of the most effective safety devices available, such as the automatic parachute and redundancy for the autopilot and the sensors.

Drone LiDAR vs Photogrammetry: A Technical Guide

lidar e fotogrammetria con droni professionali

Drone LiDAR vs Photogrammetry: A Technical Guide

In a recent article at our sister site UAV Expo News, editor Jeremiah Karpowicz laid out some basic facts about these two capture technologies. The piece is a fantastic first stop for consumers of data who want to dig through the hype and hyperbole to determine the right kind of sensor for their needs.

That piece included a lot of advice from experts in the field, including Lewis Graham, president and CTO of the GeoCue Corporation and general pillar of the survey scene. Graham offered so much useful technical detail that wouldn’t fit into the piece that we decided to give his advice a separate spotlight.

All you need ... in the palm of your hand.

applicazioni per droni professionali

All you need ... in the palm of your hand.

Italdron Controller is an operating system that makes it possible to manage the entire Italdron fleet using a single device. 

This instrument is outfitted with a simple, effective interface designed by professionals and for professionals, and it is 100% “Made in Italdron”.

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storie dei droni professionali italdron

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