4hse EVO


A multi-role drone ideal for inspections and survey imaging.

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Available Payloads
Levante Chiuso

High Safety Systems

Each RPAS Italdron is equipped with the most sophisticated security systems, with the purpose of preventing or limiting any technological damage caused by any inconvenience encountered during the flight. The rigorous design research carried out by the company's research and development team follows a careful selection of state-of-the-art security technologies, tested and manufactured to ensure that the drone and its pilot are not compromised at any time.

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Four high efficiency brushless motors and carbon propellers

Fast folding arms, carbon fiber frame for easy transport

Redundant auto pilot provided with internal inertial platform, GPS, barometer, Data link equipped with:

RTH (return to home) with auto landing, auto take-off and position hold functions.

GPS Waypoints configuration for autonomous flight missions.

Flight planning software to perform “grid and survey” missions for georeferenced aerial photogrammetry.

Telemetric Data link for flight information and remote control.

Flight mission recording stored on memory card.


33 cm Levante Front
Payload 1 Kg
Maximum take-off weight 6Kg
Open size 88x88x33cm
Folded size 40x40x60cm
Operating temperature -5° / +40°
Operating humidity 0% / 100%
Wind resistance 13 m/s
Continuous Flight Autonomy 60'
Data link 2,4 Ghz digital with frequency hopping
Height Max 150 mt (electronically limited)
Range Max 1,5 Km (LOS)
Max speed 5 m/s
Vertical speed 5 m/s (electronically limited)