The intelligence and performance of Levante in industrial applications will astonish you

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Levante Chiuso

Easy Transport

Levante folds up easily and quickly, taking up very little space, for the user’s operating convenience. The rotors, the arms, the main body: each element is designed for minimum bulk and rapid flight readiness.

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Levante Tripala


Levante guarantees high-level endurance performance, thanks to the combination of an intelligent battery and an extremely efficient motor-propulsion group. These elements allow Levante to reach previously unheard of levels of continuous operation, making it ideal for applications where extensive flight time is key.

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Levante is designed to operate where other devices have to stop. High-level performance and reliability in carrying out missions are only some of the strengths that set Levante apart.

Load capacity Reactivity Versatility Signal flow rate Autonomy 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Load capacity Reactivity Versatility Signal flow rate Autonomy 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Levante Top


  • The FAST-PLUG intelligent power unit optimises the energy density/power ratio
  • long-range C+C transmitter makes possible manual, assisted, independent mission modes.
  • OSD flight information on command and control monitor
  • mission-control software on Tab/Pc for waypoint planning
  • option of implementing SENSE&AVOID system for BVLOS flight
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payload per drone professionale

Available Payloads


Levante is a perfect example of Italdron’s ability to foresee and satisfy clients’ needs: 100% made in Italy, it is surrounded by an ecosystem of painstaking care that makes Levante not just a product but a solution

Italdron’s mission is to foresee and satisfy its clients’ needs. Levante is 100% made in Italy: a device designed and created to be not only a product but a solution.

Levante Volante


100 cm 100 cm Levante Top
38 cm Levante Front
Payload 1 Kg
Maximum take-off weight 6Kg
Open size 72x72x38cm
Closed size 40x40x60cm
Operating temperature -5° / +40°
Operating humidity 0% / 100%
Wind resistance 12 m/s
Continuous Flight Autonomy 60' with 600gr. of payload
Data link 2,4 Ghz digital with frequency hopping
Height Max 150 mt (electronically limited)
Range Max 1,5 Km (LOS)
Max speed 8 m/s
Vertical speed 5 m/s (electronically limited)
Acoustic emission 0db at 150mt