LEVANTE · Beyond the performance

Italdron presents Levante, the drone with unique design and performance suitable for security, search and rescue applications. The context for its preview will be INTERGEO 2017 in Berlin, the meeting point for mondials drone players, where the LEVANTE will be showed with a live streaming.

Levante is able to fly for 80 minutes continously, ready to take off in only 2 minutes, and with a noise impact of 0 dB at 150mt distance. These are only a few strenghts of this new technology. The choise of its name also express the tradition of italian Country, a mix between high-tech, performance and an elegant design.

The autonomy of more than 1 hour is the answer to a market demand that is usually satisfy with fix wings drone or thermal motor drone. Levante is the result of an R&D project that create an intelligence battery able to garantee high performance and safety with easy and fast plug in.

Levante is integrated with technological innovations to satisfy all final applications as:

  • digital datalink with more than 10 km range

  • collision avoidance

  • 4G connection to garantee the control throug the mobile net

The payloads are thought for three principal applications:

  • Security and control, payload stabilized on 3 axes with optic/digital zoom 30x and night camera IR with transmission on the Ground Station in HD and still picture of 20 mpx

  • Search & rescue, payload stabilized on 3 axes with zoom optic/digital 10x and quality full HD video

  • Survey and mapping, payload with 20 mpx optic zeiss, able to detect in one flight more than 70 hectares field with inch accuracy

Today Italdron is working on its internazionalization project starting from Europe and attending international Fairs such as INTERGEO in Berlin, The Commercial UAV show in London and EXPODRONICA in Zaragoza. More over Italdron today counts representatives in countries as USA and Emirates. A big project to export the italian know-how.