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Nuove Date per i Corsi di Pilotaggio, Lunedì 22 Gennaio e Lunedì 19 Febbraio

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Following the enactment of edition 2 of the regulations of the Enac, the Italian civil aviation authority, on remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), Italdron has founded the first academy for the world of professional drones. Its complete course of instruction turns out professional pilots who, at the end of their training, receive a UAV pilot certification formally issued by the Enac.

The Italdron Academy, authorised by the Enac on 8 August 2016, under Certificate of Approval ENAC.CA.APR.04, is meant for those who wish to become professional RPAS pilots in possession of official Enac licenses, as well as those who already have RPAS operator certification but need to convert their Edition 1 skills into an Enac license, in compliance with the rules and regulations currently in force.

The impeccably professional approach of its highly qualified teaching corps makes the Italdrom Academy an ideal training centre for those looking for instruction, consulting and assistance with professional RPAS operation.

The following training courses are offered for the year 2016, with each including both theoretical instruction (in the classroom) and practical training (at the airport):

  • Critical and Non-Critical Operations with Multi-Rotor Class Mc\VL UAV (0.3kg

  • Critical and Non-Critical Operations with Multi-Rotor Class Mc\L UAV (4kg

  • Conversions from Edition 1 to Edition 2

Advanced professional courses that include both experience in the field and classroom instruction, with expert teachers qualified in the various fields of application:

  • Aerial photogrammetric imaging and surveys, training in the use of software for 3D reconstruction and the enhancement of topographic data

  • Aerial thermography, with an analysis of the output for the different fields of application (energy analysis, status reports on large-scale photovoltaic systems, imaging for agriculture, search and rescue)

  • Transport of hazardous cargo (i.e. logistics, pesticide treatments and triggering of avalanches)

  • Security and monitoring with RPAS

  • Cinema-quality aerial filming 

Academy Certificato
Academy Specifica
  • Base Principale: Ravenna, Emilia Romagna - Via Faentina 175/a C/o Centro Mir, Fornace Zarattini (RA), 48124
  • Abruzzo Areoclub Della Vestina - Loc. Collalto 1, 65017, (PE)
  • Campania Associazione Sportiva Galassia, Via Iardino N°23, 81041 Vitulazio (CE)
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia Piazzetta L. Coloato N°1, 34077 Ronchi dei Legionari (GO)
  • Sardegna Accademia Sapr Srl, Via del Artigianato, 09045 Cagliari (CA)
  • Toscana Aviosuperfice Valdera, Stradone Ricciardi SNC, 56033 Capannoli (PI)
  • Veneto Mechatron Via Como 73, 30027, San Donà di Piave (VE)
  • Umbria Asd Fly Felix Montemelino Via Case Sparse N°67, 06063 Magione (PG)
  • Sicilia Consorzio Ticonzero, via Ing. Nicolò Mineo, 14, 90145 Palermo, Italia
  • Puglia Gargano Drone Service, Via Salpi 4, 71121 Foggia, Italia
  • Lazio Università "la sapienza", Piazzale Aldo Moro, 1, Roma