Professional drones aerial filming

Aerial filming

Images that generate emotions

Movie-quality filming: stable, fluid, dynamic, able to excite the emotions, managed by a professional broadcast service, so that the footage is able to satisfy even the most sophisticated demands, in full compliance with current regulations, as well as the highest possible standards of safety.

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The possibility of filming from above presents the advantage of producing unique, enthralling images that make the most of their HD quality.

In addition to costing less than traditional aerial filming, drone filming offers a level of control and stability that is difficult to achieve using a helicopter or a plane.

A wide, diversified range of payloads outfitted with cameras and lens combinations makes for a high-performance tool that, when combined with the professional skills and experience of the operator, provides a perfect mix for operations in any setting, offering the utmost in performance and quality of the resulting image.

Italdron is present throughout Italy, with the staff of its Service Network guaranteeing rapid response, plus the highest possible levels of professional skills and know-how, to meet every need.

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