intelligence and security with professional drones

Intelligence and security

Hidden eyes in the sky

In the field of intelligence and security, the best way to guarantee an effective operation is to use a tool that allows the observer to remain unseen. Today, a dynamic eye capable of looking down from above represents one of best solutions for monitoring and overseeing sensitive areas and subjects.

riconoscimento intelligente effettuato da droni professionali
tracciamento efettuato da droni professionali

Apart from serving as a deterrent in preventive activities, this effective, mature technology makes possible fully autonomous flights able to identify subjects and information at a distance, thanks to the use of powerful, stabilised zoom optics, together with intelligent target tracking and remote control of video flows and payloads.

Italdron, in partnership with leading firms in the sectors of analysis and security, provides a full range of offerings equipped with the latest, most innovative technology, capable of carrying out long-range reconnaissance missions, detecting subjects in the invisible realm and transmitting the data collected to stations on the ground.

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