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Live Streaming

Recording in-flight and transmitting live at top quality

Today it is possible to transmit in-flight video recordings back to the ground in real time, at the maximum levels of quality. 

Whether a sporting event or a parade is being recorded, the technology makes possible live broadcasts from above, using the best HD transmission systems available, plus drone craft that meet current regulations and are technologically safe, in combination with top-flight video equipment.

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One or more stable, fluid video cameras controlled remotely, without any limits on their movements, and offering the quality of the most sophisticate movie cameras, makes it possible to provide new and varied points of view, guaranteeing elevated levels of safety.

The latest HD broadcasting devices, utilising point-to-point systems, can transmit high-resolution images to the ground without any delay in the signal.

Italdron has numerous offerings able to operate in any scenario, in accordance with current rules and standards, providing a full service that can easily be adjusted to meet the requests of even the most demanding client.

Italdron is present throughout Italy, with the staff of its Service Network guaranteeing rapid response, plus the highest possible levels of professional skills and know-how to meet every need.

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