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Search and rescue

Safeguarding human life with technology

Unmanned technology has made massive advances in terms of performance, intelligence and operating safety, to the point where UAS are more than ready to be used in operations of search and rescue. Speed of response is a key factor when human life is at risk, so that being able to rely on instruments that are effective, rapid and less invasive than traditional methods constitutes an advantage that cannot be ignored.

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Thanks to their sophisticated optical sensors outfitted with zoom and infrared features and placed in the hands of professionals in the fields of control and analysis, these instruments can play an important support role in searches for missing individuals in the wake of natural disasters and emergencies in general.

Unmanned flights following grid patterns can easily and quickly cover vast amounts of territory, guaranteeing a rapid and effective search.

UAS technology can reach areas that would otherwise be off limits due to the risk (such as unstable areas following earthquakes), eliminating the human risk.

Over the years, Italdron has developed proven expertise in this field, operating alongside government bodies and civil defence units during situations of natural disaster or national emergency.

Italdron is present throughout Italy, with the staff of its Service Network guaranteeing rapid response, plus the highest possible levels of professional skills and know-how, to meet every need.

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