A cornerstone of the Italdron philosophy from the start, as well as one of the company’s strong points, is its concern for safety.

Safety is a concept that has to do with the full spectrum, all 360°, of each and every phase of activities in this sector.

Italdron is the first European company to have installed on its products some of the most effective safety devices available, such as the automatic parachute and redundancy for the autopilot and the sensors.

The concept of safety is applied not only to operating devices, but to every phase of the design and construction of the UAS. Each Italdron UAV is subject to severe quality controls and designed according to the most rigorous standards of reliability, while severe stress tests and numerous performance trials leave no space for improvisation.

It is widely thought that a 6 or 8-blade multi-rotor is safer than a 4-rotor drone. This is far from proven, however, seeing that safety depends on a wide variety of factors, including design, the quality and reliability of the components and the assembly. For example, the motors and the overall power sets used in the Italdron line of products are oversized, in order to guarantee maximum reliability under all operating conditions, while all the other components are developed and tested to guarantee top-flight performance, efficiency and duration over time.

Redundancy is enacted when and there it is needed. There could be redundancy for every single function, in the search to guarantee higher standards of safety.

However, it has been shown that a multi-rotor drone is mechanically simple and electronically complex. An effective solution, and a standard practice of Italdron (which inherited the approach from the world of aeronautics), is to ensure redundancy for each component that is truly essential: autopilot and sensors (gps, barometer, imu, compass), plus the parachute (if automatic).

The parachute, which works above an altitude of 15/20 metres, is activated when the drone finds itself in an abnormal flight attitude, or when the terminator function has been enacted, guaranteeing a soft, safe landing without any damage.

Italdron considers the culture of safety to be a duty, as well as one of the factors that characterise true professionals.