Italdron Controller

Italdron Controller


Italdron Controller is an operating system that makes it possible to manage the entire Italdron fleet using a single device. 

This instrument is outfitted with a simple, effective interface designed by professionals and for professionals, and it is 100% “Made in Italdron”. 

INTUITIVE. It uses OSD to display, in real time, all the flight information needed to keep the key parameters under control, such as: battery status, gps, hover ceiling, altitude and many others.

ADJUSTABLE. The screen can be adjusted to operate either vertically or horizontally, depending on your movements.

INTELLIGENT. Complex flight plans can be set, selecting the areas where mapping and surveying data are to be acquired. In drawing up flight plans for 3D reconstructions, for example, once the camera parameters have been set (the photographic and optical data sets), the precision on the ground can be determined in advance. The app automatically calculates elements such as overlay and imaging point, guaranteeing data-collection results in line with the client’s expectations.

INFORMED. Italdron Controller is equipped with a suite of sensors that monitor aeronautical weather reports and maps, drawing up intuitive mission planning while keeping the operating scenario and conditions under control, in full compliance with the pertinent laws and standards of safety.

VERTICAL. The app includes functions dedicated to the full range of payloads, with suites of sensors that optimise operations in a variety of sectors: security, agriculture, thermal imaging.

EXPANDABLE. The design control of the Italdron Controller makes it compatible with future developments in applications and on the marketplace.