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"As professional researchers and developers we take a multidisciplinary approach to designing the products that we create and the services that we supply to our clients.
As the leaders on the Italian drone market, we believe in the future of innovation, quality and skills."

Ravenna, 2008.

Out of the minds of three young businessmen, an ambitious project sprang to life: Italdron.

Tommaso Solfrini, Luciano Morigi and Stefano Russo decided to wager on an innovative, futuristic idea, and so they set out to develop a market for services featuring drones, displaying right from the start their ability to produce highly effective, professional and secure devices, with an eye towards one day selling them on a market in rapid, continuous development.

From an idea to experience in the field.

These initial traits proved to be the strengths that allowed Italdron to become the manufacturer of the largest number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) authorised to fly under the rules and regulations of the ENAC (Italy’s civil aviation authority), as well as Italy’s first manufacturer of professional drones approved for “post-production flights”. In 2012, looking to provide as much support as possible for unmanned aircraft industry in Italy, the company helped found, and now sits on the executive council of,  Assorpas (the Italian Association for Light Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems), the country’s first association of drone manufacturers. The technical skills and know-how developed during years of experience in the field have led to the creation of prototypes and products that today are nothing short of landmarks in the UAV field. 

And these same skills are reflected in the range of products and services designed by Italdron to successfully satisfy the requests of the most demanding professionals.

Italdron aims for excellence and becomes the leader on the Italian market.

Today Italdron is not only a company that designs, produces and markets high-end, multi-role UAV systems, but it is an entire universe unto itself, engaged in an unending effort to develop new technologies, along with the skills and know-how of its professional staff.

Italdron is a family of young talents who work on a daily basis to give life to the all-Italian touch of excellence that sets apart the company’s products. Individuals with personalities capable of bringing together different strengths and skills, in order to bring into being professional, highly qualified UAV solutions whose proven reliability and top-flight performance, along with their optimal standards of safety, set them apart on the market.

Today, nearly a decade of experience and know-how have earned the company the trust of Italian and European companies and professionals who choose to rely on the guarantee of Italdron’s quality: a quality reflected in its services, products and training.

“We are good at excellence, that is our calling.”

When Italdron was born, the drone market was only in its infancy, and so it was no easy matter to foresee how and with what specific features it would develop. The company has always benefitted from its ability, its sixth sense, to understand where the latent needs of a still developing market would lead. The idea was to move ahead of the market, and so the company did, with its attention to its clients and their needs standing, as it still stands today, as a founding principle of the overall company philosophy.

At present Italdron, the leader on the Italian market, is turning increasingly abroad, though the objective of this expansion is not to reach the mass market, but rather to establish a position as a niche product whose mix of performance, quality and design is fully able to satisfy the requests of clients. The end goal is to fill a role of excellence within the market, a niche from which to offer products of top-flight performance and quality, as well as innovative design and technology.

“Made in Italy” quality, together with security, consulting, research and development: these are the values that Italdron has always pursued, with each holding a place of honour inside the company’s headquarters in Ravenna, Italy, where ideas are born and projects are developed. And the focus of all this activity is the client. For whether we are talking about a company or an individual, our mission is to do our best to make the clients’ jobs more trouble-free and competitive, significantly improving their working lifestyles by helping to increase their competitive strength.

Consulting means satisfying the client’s needs, an effort that certainly does not come to a stop once the client has decided to purchase a drone, but moves on to the goal of turning our client into a qualified professional through training that points to the potential risks of the improper use of a UAS. Among the latest companies to decide to purchase Italdron products, benefitting the skills and know-how of our professionals in the process, are corporate giants such as Enel, OFIL and Telecom.

Italdron is one of the small group of UAV’S ITALIAN MANUFACTURER COMPANY which obtained the “ENAC PROJECT CERTIFICATION”. An ambitious goal to consolidate the company growth other than an important target to reach through a long and complex organizational and training process of our internal company structure.

Object of the Project certification is our UAV EVO 4HSE, the most used UAV with the high number of authorizations in its category. More than 100 UAV EVO are authorized in the ENAC operator’s list with 20.000 flight our without failure and high performance certified. The EVO is the only UAV in its category which is able to fly at 5000 mt above see level with high wind resistance (more than 30 m/s) This certification represents an important step for our Company that imposes us to respect both organisation that production’s protocols. High reliability and quality level are a guarantee for those decide to buy and use our products and services.

With the Project’s certification the client has many advantages, first the avoidance to any problems of consequences connected with the UAV. Security and reliability have always been the fundamental values in our job. This is the result of an hard synergic work started a long time ago, a process that allows us to satisfy the professionals players’ demand regarding a high performant product, unique for security, quality, assistance and able to exceed its own limit.

Italdron can trace its roots to innovation.

Born as an innovative start-up, the company boasts an in-house research and development laboratory that invests in innovation by putting the latest technology in the hands of highly qualified professionals.

A team of researchers, engineers in the fields of mechanics, electronics and computer science, work together daily, seeking to further enrich the performance of the line of products while offering highly customised applications, together with an intuitive, intelligent user interface.

Thanks to its know-how and instrumentation, the Italdron R&D laboratory not only oversees the design of our own devices, but is also able to work on contract on research projects geared towards objectives and final uses requested by clients.

Italdron’s network of enterprises and seats of excellence, such as universities and research centres, allows it to aim for integrated, complex projects.

In 2011 Italdron develops and introduces on the market the first drone made with carbon and titanium: Scrabble. 

This is the machine that astonishes the world, operating on high during the dramatic events related to the earthquake in Emilia. During this episode, Italdron gained notoriety throughout Italy as a start-up that took part in rescue operations, building inspections and research carried out following the quake. 

In 2013, after the Costa Concordia ran ground, Italdron used Scrabble to carry out an aerial expedition involving both the wreck and the Island of Giglio, with the dual assignment of taking both environmental readings and aerial images. The images were later broadcast throughout the world by the Discovery Channel and CBS Usa.

Drake, a heavy-lift drone designed for special applications, capable of flying under electric power for more than an hour, was developed in 2014.

Another project undertaken by Italdron in 2014, in collaboration with the start-up A-Dron Technolgy, was the development of AGRODRON, the first multi-role drone for agricultural use (dusting with biological pesticides and surveying with thermal and multispectral sensors).

The year 2015 witnessed another major milestone: the CNR ISSIA, a Italdron creation, was the first drone to fly in the Arctic polar circle. 

The optocopter played a role in monitoring the operations of the RAW sea robot, making what proved to be a strategic contribution to the success of this delicate mission in an inhospitable setting. In the same year, an exclusive agreement was signed with OFIL, an Israel-United States company that is the world leader in the making of sensors for the detection of energy dispersion and a partner of leading enterprises in the energy sector. 

Also in 2015, Italdron was the focus of a series of technological experiments and comparative analyses that, based on the judgments of outside parties, universities and research centres, duly confirmed the effectiveness of drones when used for photogrammetric imaging of the territory or of large constructions, as supplementary means or to replace other techniques, thanks to their output being accurate at a scale of less than a centimetre.

Another major accomplishment for the company was supplying the first drone ever bought by Enel s.p.a., which chose the company headquartered in Ravenna when it came time to purchase its very first drone for use in performing inspections and services. The TIM corporation also picked Italdron as the supplier of its first drone for experimental activities in inspection areas. 





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