Italdron products are working tools, professional solutions capable of creating business opportunities for those who possess them.
Our awareness of this fact obliges us to provide our clients with rapid, efficient support, in order to avoid the risk of lost business opportunities due to assistance being unavailable.

Relying on Italdron products means receiving rapid support within 10 working days, plus the services of a spare-parts warehouse that is always on the ready.

All Italdron products come with the manuals and consulting needed to obtain authorisation as an Enac certified operator. Flight manuals provide precise, accurate descriptions of all the features of the UAS, listing each procedure for the proper use of the drone system.

Operating manuals based on the activities the operator must perform are drafted and customised to describe all the relevant professional activities and service procedures.

Risk analysis: a document which is required, indeed indispensable, for obtaining operator certification.

Post-production performance testing: Italdron is the first manufacturer authorised by Enac to carry out post-production flights. Performance testing is a key procedure when it comes to controlling the craft and ensuring that it complies with what is declared on the technical documentation.

Consulting and support is also provided for procurement of the all-important authorisations (10.5 formerly for mixed areas) for flying in urban areas, but not over sites where individuals are present, with installation of a flight terminator on separate frequencies, plus an automatic parachute. When required, the client can be provided with a support service for updating of documents, as stipulated under Enac regulations, in the event of modifications of the firm and/or of the UAS.

Italdron is currently working on an Enac project certification procedure for Mixed Critical Areas 10.5 and Critical Areas 10.6.

Italdron provides its clients with an operational scenario analysis service that assesses: flight limitations, population density, plus any other factor that can contribute to ensuring safe flight missions, in compliance with the pertinent regulations and statutes. The company is also ready to handle the preparation of whatever documentation is needed to apply for the authorisations and permits required to carry out flights in areas subject to limitations and prohibitions.

Flight operations are not the only source of risk. Quite often, in order to obtain access to a construction site or a workplace, a risk assessment document that takes into account the activities and hazards found in the operating area must be presented.

Upon request, Italdron supplies customised risk assessments drawn up by expert professionals to facilitate access to worksites and other locations were the UAS can pose a risk of interference.

This can amount to a noteworthy advantage for professional users of drones.