riprese notturne in sicurezza per grandi eventi con droni professionali

Safe night-time filming of major events

The magic of a night-time event viewed from above

Ever since drones have invaded the world of filming, the idea of being able to fly over a large number of people during an event held at night has attracted a great deal of interest, as well as numerous requests, even though it is widely known that such operations are prohibited under Italian civil aviation authority regulations, in addition to posing a significant level of danger.

ripresa notturna con droni professionali
come funziona una ripresa notturna con droni professionali

To address this dilemma, Italdron has developed an aerostatic balloon filled with helium and equipped with a retaining cable, capable of rotating 360° while in the air, thanks to a remote-controlled propulsion system. A stabilised, 3-axis, remote-controlled 4K camera provides fluid, high-quality images, even in conditions of scarce lighting. 

The glowing balloon, customised with the company’s logo, also functions as a highly impactful promotional tool.

The Italdron helium dirigible proved to be an optimal solution, having been especially designed for use during the concert of the singer-songwriter Ligabue at Campo Volo, where it filmed the night-time event, at which more than 150,000 people were present, from above.

The balloon’s noteworthy size makes it safe for any situation, with the ability to lift payloads and other equipment, including stabilised 4K cameras with interchangeable lenses and the capacity for live HD transmission back to the ground.

Now flying over night-time gatherings of people, in compliance with the safety regulations currently in force, is no longer a taboo.

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