The Revamping steelworks ABS is a project signed by Eng. Marco Barberini in partnership with Italdron. The purpose is the survey and BIM model of buildings and industrial plants that has reached the final BIM Award of Bologna next 19-20 October. The project is born from the fusion between two iron and steel company of Udine. They born in 1988 investing money in innovative solutions. The target focused on different markets: Oil & Gas, Automotive and Trucks, Rail and Power Generation. Both companies have recently renewed their production’s line of special steels with the entire revamping of all pipe extraction system in order to optimize the environmental impact. This expensive and complex project involved about 430.000mq of plants and piping to be renew in a short time. In the past several relieves have been done without connect one to each other and missing the overall view. The difficulties of the relief have been especially the internal big surfaces and the external area with limited access to be acquire. The solution have been found in the BIM, which allows the cohesion between all the phases of the project: acquisition, output and presentation of datas. Here the drone has a principal role because allows to cut the costs and the risks typical of these typology of project. The UAV used for the relief has a 36mpx camera resolution that in combination with ContextCapture software has created easier than the traditional method, the complex infrastructure and piping model. Many industrial plants were built in the 50s and at the end of 60s/70s abandoned or renew without leaving any trace or control of that. Consequently, to the New Technical regulation, seismic events and structural renovation, the need is to have an overall view of all productions line and global asset in a unique model where the essential information are commendable, upgradable and available. The combination between UAV and Contextcapture software allows surveying all the industrial plant reducing the costs and risk for about € 80.000 (handrails, DPI etc). The project is the combination between different techniques: laserscanner relieves photogrammetry, mesh 3D reproducing complex structures and piping. The Project BM ENGINEERING SRL have been selected to take part as finalist at the Digital & Bim Award for the category “industrial of big dimension” the 19-20 October. In this occasion the prize will be conferred for the digitization of the built environment!

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