Italdron's drone and the Thermographic Relief of the Ethiad Tower

A winning challenge. This work was born out of the need to thermaly monitor the large stained glass windows on the tall skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi, an integral part of the city and its skilines. Italdron, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi's Technometer company, has joined forces to tackle this ambitious project, using a professional drone and proven expertise over time from both companies. After carrying out a detailed analysis of the technical-constructive difficulties and after assessing the feasibility of the project, Italdron left Italy from the UAE. Once they reached their destination, technicians immediately realized that flying at 45 ° and 75% humidity would not have been easy, as well as keeping a constant distance of 10m from a 300 m high skyscraper meant keep a check out of the ordinary. In any case, be sure of the performance of the proven EVO 4HSE and the experience gained over time, Italdron has accepted the challenge. Location of the surveys were the 5 towers of the famous complex of Ethiad Towers, a few meters from the Emirates Palace and the Presidential Palace. Thanks to Technometer and their organizational skills in obtaining documentation for authorities managing Abu Dhabi airplanes, the drone was able to get up from the ground for its first flight. A first public flight. Indeed, watching the curious first mission of a drone in Abu Dhabi was the authorities, civil engineers, and interior security officials. The goal was to control and monitor the 5 skyscrapers in 2 days of work, which has put the drone and its rider to the test, but that has been achieved successfully. Over 40 flights and a large data collection demonstrating how the combination of radiometric camera + camera visible on drone can deliver great results, saving technicians a considerable amount of time and risk by eliminating the difficulties inherent in having to manually capture these data . The excellent technical ability of the Tecnometer team in the analysis of the acquired data has allowed to return to the final customer a detailed report of thermal anomalies accompanied by a technical report that has allowed to act with timely isolation interventions and will improve significantly l efficiency and consequent building management costs. After the success of this first mission, other jobs such as Al Jawharah Tower, Meera Hotel and Authority Institute, where exterior drone thermography screening has been experimentally tested during a Blower door test. Once again the means for industrial pads produced by italdron have demonstrated capacity and performance at any situation and scenario of use. This story tells about the continuing challenges of a rapidly expanding industry and how, through the professionalism of the media and the competence of its drivers, it can help in realizing projects of great social impact, minimizing the times, achieving excellent work without waste of money but above all, by eliminating the human risk.

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