ispezioni di manufatti e beni culturali con droni professionali

Preserving the past and aiming for excellence

Preserving the past and aiming for excellence

Evaluations of buildings, monuments and other architectural resources can be facilitated in a real and effective manner by aerial inspections performed with UAVs. Through the use of a valid combination of latest-generation sensors operating in the visible, thermal and hyperspectral realms, multiple responses can be obtained, together with noteworthy advantages, such as reduced human risks and operating costs, plus optimisation of the final result.

ricostruzione della citta di istambul effettuata con droni professionali
ricostruzione di un bassorilievo effettuata con droni professionali

Such inspections, together with the techniques of photogrammetry and 3D reconstruction they make possible, render the structure being examined measurable and navigable, bringing to light any anomalies and/or critical problems that can jeopardise its preservation.

Use in combination with methods and instruments designed to address specific needs in the fields of restoration and preservation (such as those for detecting cracking or sensors that operate in the non-visible sphere) complete the opportunities for observation and surveying in this areas of activity.

Italdron’s UAV offerings are optimised to provide maximum effectiveness and efficiency of use during the phases of data acquisition, post-processing and supply of output, supporting the decision-making of experts responsible for undertaking initiatives involving the restoration, preservation or enhancement of the cultural resources in question.

Italdron is present throughout Italy, with the staff of its Service Network guaranteeing rapid response, plus the highest possible levels of professional skills and know-how to meet every need.

ispezione in centro storico effettuata con droni professionali vincolati al suolo

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