ispezioni di impianti industriali e infrastrutture con droni professionali

Inspections of industrial facilities and infrastructures

Observing, measuring, choosing

The field of observation and measurement is a new frontier in which the use of UAV is rapidly taking a leading role, thanks to technologies of 3D reconstruction.

Being able to observe a structure close makes it possible to detect any anomalies, instances of decay or damage caused by deterioration or the weather, with the opportunity to take timely action, thanks to post-processing functions able to gauge any defects with precision and accuracy.

ispezione di un impianto industriale con droni professionali
ispezione di una torre di raffreddamento con droni professionali

Results can be obtained not only in the field of the visible, by means of 3D reconstructions and images capable of detecting, quantifying and measuring any damage and deterioration, but also by means of special infrared or hyperspectral sensors able to identify information not visible to the naked eye.

The mix of these approaches can prove to be the ideal solution for corporate decision-makers who place a premium on performance and efficiency.

This mode of operation not only makes it possible to collect unlimited quantities of information that can be drawn on with just a click of the mouse, but it also allows for the construction, based on the current state of the object examined, of simplified models that offer noteworthy technical benefits. 

A similar non-invasive approach eliminates any costs for securing the operating area, as well as any human risk, increasing the speed and efficiency of the operations while significantly augmenting the quantity and quality of the information available on industrial facilities, infrastructures and energy plants.

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ispezione di un impianto industriale con droni professionali

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