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Photovoltaic installations in Italy (both on the ground and on roofs) number more than 650,000 units, making for overall power of almost 20 Gigawatts (source: GSE - General Energy Services). Our country is the world leader in terms of installed power as a percentage of total consumption of electricity, at a ratio of 8% (source:

The presence of so many installations generates a large amount of turnover tied to their maintenance, which often begins with a report on the current overall condition of the installation, which, if not properly monitored, can result in instances of inefficiency, as well as noteworthy economic losses.

ispezione di un impianto tecnologico tramite droni professionali
ispezioni di un impianto tecnologico tramite droni professionali

Using geolocalisation, precise information can be obtained on the position and the nature of the problem, facilitating repair of the panel found to be damaged. Drone-inspections of photovoltaic installations are only in their early stages, but the significant number of installations found in Italy, together with their forecast operating life (more than 30 years), make for a growth market that presents UAV operators with almost unlimited opportunity.

The Titan 4HSE drone is ideal for effectively and rapidly detecting and reporting anomalies or defects on each individual photovoltaic panel or hot spot of an installation, rapidly formulating a full-fledged “status report” in line with the standards expected by the client.

Italdron is present throughout Italy, with the staff of its Service Network guaranteeing rapid response, plus the highest possible levels of professional skills and know-how, to meet every need.

ispezione di un impianto tecnologico tramite droni professionali

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